Body Party

   Once you walk into a tat shop, there’s no turning back…. For me at least. As you may know, or not if you don’t follow my Instagram, I am no stranger to the chair. It’s even hard for me to believe that I’ve had some of my piercings and tattoos for 10 years. There is a category for tattoo and piercings on the blog. This series, Body Party, is all about my personal experiences with my tattoos and piercings. I’ll be spilling all the beans on how much money and time I’ve invested, how my experiences have been over the years, and why I decided to torture my self so much. The only thing most see is the finished project, but that’s truly the tip of an iceberg for me. I get questioned a lot about my choices and it proves that there is clarity needed. Find out if the pain is worth it, and if they are truly the permanent mistakes they’re made out to be.

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