Big Girls Do Cry

   Even though the title says "girls", I'm speaking to everyone as a collective. If you've never heard the song by Fergie (Big Girls Don’t Cry), I want you to look up the lyrics when you finish reading. No matter what face we show the outside, no matter how much we lie to others and ourselves, we all reach points where the only thing that makes us feel better is to cry. Crying isn't weak just like fighting doesn't make you strong. 

   All of our emotions are channels for guidance and growth. They show us how to see through our own lies and the deceptions we've convinced ourselves are true. Crying is the most avoided, and the most powerful emotional response we can express. We cry when we're happy, when we're mad, overwhelmed, frustrated, sad, distraught, overjoyed, surprised, as an expression of love. Crying is the only action that coincides with all our emotions and is a form of release as well. The more we hold onto in life, the more we weigh ourselves down. When I reach my limit and just become numb, the one thing that always brings me back is crying.

    It doesn't matter how I got to that point, no matter what puts the first tear in my eye, anything else that has been fighting to get out is sure to follow. Sometimes it's a block, sometimes it's a few scattered tears throughout the day, sometimes it's random breakdowns for a week or more. No matter how it starts, once it ends naturally, that light is always back peeking through the clouds. Do what you have to, to break down the wall you built inside yourself and let out whatever you've been running from, avoiding, or weighing you down.

   Scream, run, workout, clean, meditate, whatever puts you face to face with yourself and how you really feel. Then cry it out. Don't be ashamed if you have to go to the bathroom, I tend to cry in the shower. At some point, we all have to start putting ourselves on the pedestal. You wouldn't drive a car for 5 years with no maintenance. It wouldn't last that long. Stop allowing yourself to believe it's ok to go your whole life without maintaining yourself. 

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