Back on Track

  How's it going? Long time no chat... slight abandonment no chat. It's been 2 months since I've uploaded a blog and that's a big deal. Not because of the lack of presence, but this blog is proof that failure is only certain if you choose to give up. I will admit that I may have bit off more than I could chew, initially. I grossly underestimated how much I could get done as a one man team and everything suffered, the shop, this blog, my social media accounts, but that's ok. I'm glad everything cracked and crumbled under pressure in the beginning and sent me back to the drawing board. Had I been able to struggle to maintain a faulty foundation and build, I would have had a more devastating downfall that I may not have been able to bounce back from further down the road.

  So now that everything is getting back on track, I can see just how many faults I overlook in my initial planning, hindsight highlights everything. Whenever you try something for the first time, and usually in most early attempts, you will not be successful. Of course there are always exceptional cases, but a majority of the time you don't quite reach the goal you had in mind. Nobody talks about this. We can all agree that it's a generally known concept, but very few actually share the process of rebuilding. I will say that it's not because people are trying to mislead you, failing in something when you actually give it your all can be heartbreaking. After you've spent months or years researching, planning, training, practicing, and it's still not good enough. That realization can break you, if you let it.

  That's why I'm sooo happy to tell you guys that I dropped the ball on my first attempt at this website lol. Not because it looks good for transparency, but because I'm no longer intimidated or ashamed in admitting I failed on my first try. To you, it may just seem like I got busy and skipped out on posting. In reality, from my original planning, I've missed so many personal deadlines that I never posted publicly, got behind on schedules that I intended to use to create a themed routine for my content, hell I have such a large backlog of content that's still waiting to be created because I got so overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I had to do. So yes, I now understand why no one talks about the failures while they are happening, and that's ok.

  When you have your heart set on something, you will have roadblocks and detours placed in your path. Sometimes, they may not be something you can't work through right then. You may actually need to pause and regroup or possibly start from scratch with the knowledge you've gained from the attempt. Regardless of how you get back on track, just make sure you don't pass up an amazing opportunity that you want out of life because of a temporary hardship. Anything that YOU feel is worth keeping is worth fighting for (metaphorically), wouldn't you agree? Babies aren't born running and talking, you shouldn't expect to have a perfected skillset from yourself in your early attempts. It's ok to fail, it's very common. Just don't count yourself out because you haven't given yourself enough time to learn what technique will work for you.

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