A World Full of Broke Haters

  Is it just me, or was there a point in time where you could live how you wanted because you actually liked it? If someone asked you if you would try or do something and you said no, you could go about your life like a normal person. I don't know when people became experts about everybody else life EXCEPT their own, but that shit needs to stop stat. There will always be trends and popularity contests, that's not a problem. The problem starts when people started using personal preferences as some sort of jacked up guideline for the world. 

  By all means, if you love to be the center of attention, a flashy person by nature, do you boo. It's your life, live it how you see fit, be happy. BUT, when I choose to be more conservative because that's what makes me comfortable, don't come for me! And vice versa! I promise, I see the most drama stemming from people spending too much time trying to dictate how the next person should live their life. For why tho? Why is it so bothersome to see somebody minding their own business and happy? Live and let live, to each his own. If it don't apply, let it fly! You can love Gucci, that don't make you rich. Just like you can love making your own clothes, that don't make you poor. Same with nails and hair, how you choose to style your appearance has nothing to do with your success in life. So what if a person's dream car is a Camry, hell it's more economical if you drive a lot. Assumptions have a whole lot of people out here lookin' stupid. That brings me to my next point, just because someone doesn't want to be like you doesn't mean they're against you. 

  Now, if it's pure slander, just unnecessary, insulting, derogatory opinions, they might be against you. However, I do not have to be a replica of you to support you. I don't want to be a basketball player. I don't even like to play basketball, but I can still watch and enjoy a basketball game. I can even have a favorite team or player. People need to learn the difference between an attack and constructive criticism. There are people who wanna be on the sidelines for you ( not YOU you, but the people who the shoe fits who you know)  but you done burned that bridge, all because you don't know how to recognize when someone's showing you an option to expand or improve yourself. I don't wear makeup everyday, but I'm not blind, if I see something in a makeup look that is off, there is a respectful way to offer advice WITHOUT talking shit. Since people are on such a pedestal now, they still may call you a hater, take it with a grain of salt.

   The point is though, people are so quick to get on the defensive and pull another person down, that they don't realize they can be moving ahead 5 spaces at a time versus 1, IF they would listen and ask questions. No, everyone is not out to get you, even though people have lost they damn minds with social media. Sometimes you need to take a step back and evaluate situations before you react. Learn to decipher between a concerned comment and a stone being thrown at you. Most important though, live your life and let others live theirs.  Nobody likes to constantly hear about how everyone, who is not them, knows how to live their life better than them. Just look, say ok, and keep it moving. This concluded an episode of Lanesha's Real Life Rants. Thank you for tuning in, good night.

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