Life Isn't A Coin, It's A 30-Sided Die

Shit is fucked up right now. I think we can agree on some level regardless of our actual situation. Everything that's going on in the world, all the conflicts with opinions, trying to find the most effective way to move forward, correcting the wrongs of the world, finding a new normal, is highlighting the need to see things from a different perspective. I'm not saying you need to find the good in tragedy, oppression, discrimination and injustice. What I'm saying is there is more than one path to victory. If we all have the same goal in mind, does it really matter how we get there? It doesn't matter if you travel to a destination by bus, plane, or train, the destination is still the same. Instead of creating chaos amongst those with the same victory in mind as you, collaborate and find out how you can benefit the cause as a whole together. Every action has a reaction, and it's impossible to predict every situation, but by being aware of (not necessarily agreeing with) how different approaches help and hurt an ultimate cause, we can come together to find a solution with maximum benefit that isn't negated by the detriment of the journey. When you act as individuals, there will always be miscommunication and a lack of direction. Once you come together and move as a unit, you can be strategic in how and where your power is applied. 10 people independently cannot topple a tower, but when they come together, plan and act as one, they have a chance. Imagine trying to topple that same tower as a unit composed of millions.

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