Drinking Is Fun, Getting Drunk Is Not

   There's nothing wrong with having your adult beverage of choice when you see fit. Let your stress, worries and nervousness slip away as you sip away. Drinking is by far one of the best things about being an adult for me. Nothing beats a celebratory shot after I've achieved something or a nice glass of wine when I'm about to lose my mind. The problems start when you get to that tight rope between happy drunk and hungover drunk. "I feel wonderful, I'll be fine with one more." Or the infamous peer pressure to drink just one more. Sometimes everything is fine and you go home to get the best sleep ever, sometimes that sip sinks the ship and you wake up feeling like a beached castaway. Drinking is a great past time. Hangovers, food aversions, and feeling like you're turning into a zombie sucks. Don't overshoot the happy target, save yourself the recovery. In drunk defense, the stories are better when you slip off that slope.

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